Strugglers and Jugglers #4 Creating a Networking Strategy


This is session 4 of the Back to Basics Series for ‘Strugglers and Jugglers” to help you create a networking strategy will suit anyone who has taken a gap from work for any reason at all. It can be parenting leave, maternity leave, sick leave or a grown-up gap year – it doesn’t matter. Employers frequently cite the lack of a suitable candidate pool but that is because hiring managers and recruiters are looking in all the wrong places.


The World Economic Forum says that 78% of organisations are actively trying to recruit more women. But if you have been out of the workforce for even a short period then the transition can seem daunting and even terrifying. The workplace is moving at an incredible speed and it seems that it’s impossible to catch up. Many Returners are overwhelmed and intimidated by the online developments. They feel dated and out of touch.

This episode we will be be looking at – Get back on the networking horse. What has changed and how to do professional networking with friends. We know you hate it!

Networking is always a challenge for many women but as a Returner it can assume even greater significance and become even more daunting. Learn tips and tricks to make your life easier and integrate online networking with real-life events and meetings.