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For career success, confidence matters as much as competence, and confidence, not competence, is where women lose ground to their male colleagues. (The Confidence Gap)

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Do you, like most women, lack the self confidence to speak up when it matters most, to take on high visibility projects, to apply for promotion, to ask for what you want, to advocate for yourself?

What if you could change that now?

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Product Description

“What if you could build self confidence just like you build other muscles?” What if you had a coach who could teach you how to exercise the right muscles to grow and sustain greater self confidence? What if your coach could also teach you tips and techniques to boost your confidence in high stakes situations? You don’t have to wait another minute. Your coach is here now with a self confidence building program designed for you.

Work with Dr. Anne Perschel to build up the basics. After you have built your core confidence muscles, take yourself, and your career, to the next level with an optional 5th session in any of the following areas:

  • Negotiation Skills (Coach, Victoria Pynchon)
  • Professional Image (Coach, Claire Soper) – Learn how to dress for success and have greater control over the impact YOU want to make – the self confidence which flows from getting it right will help you gain greater success at any business or social event. 90 minutes of individual coaching.
  • Speak Up with Confidence (Coach, Emma Stroud) – Whether on stage or in a meeting, what you say and how you say it makes the difference. 90 minutes of individual coaching will help you learn key business tools to get your message across.
  • Advance your Career with Confidence (Coach, Dorothy Dalton) – Learn how to create a powerful message without bragging or appearing aggressive. Use these basic tools immediately to create a strong professional headline, your 30 second commercial in meetings, promotion discussions and in interviews, authoritative resume, and LinkedIn profile.

Please select one of the following from the options:

4 – session self confidence coaching program

5 – session optional with negotiation skills, professional image, telling your success stories, or impromptu speaking

Don’t want to go it alone?

Invite up to 4 other women for a group coaching program.