The way men and women look for jobs: 3Plus eBook for Hiring Managers and Recruiters.


If you are a recruiter, headhunter or a hiring manager  download the latest 3Plus eBook to find out the differences in the way men and women approach the job market. This will allow you to adjust your recruitment strategies to improve the gender balance of your short lists.


You can tell that the idea of hiring women is gaining traction when male recruiters start to post on the topic.  What they are finding is a one-size-fits-all all approach isn’t working. As a specialist in this field, 3Plus knows that there are clear differences in identifying and attracting female talent into an organisation. Part of that is rooted in the way men and women look for jobs and approach the job market.

Men and women look for jobs differently. They have different drivers and expectations. If anyone in the recruitment process understands what these differences are they can adapt their strategies and processes accordingly. It’s not rocket science.

Recruitment practices tend to be male coded and using them to attract women doesn’t always work. For those women who are gender bi-lingual and feel comfortable in male-dominated environments, they will not be deterred. They probably don’t even notice it. But junior women may not be so familiar. They have also been raised with different expectations.  So to strengthen the female talent pipeline, recruiters and hiring managers need to put some effort into what works for women to increase the number of female candidate applications.

We know there are certain factors that resonate with female job applicants that may not be necessary for men. Organisations need to apply the information that we know will generate interest in women or at least quell their concerns. The days of unisex hiring processes, with a one-size-fits-all all approach, are coming to an end.

Find out in our latest eBook what these differences are and apply that knowledge to your recruitment strategy.