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How to be a good mentee – things you should know
So you’ve got a mentor and are taking positive steps forward – now make sure you’re a good mentee and…
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Why Career Complacency Is a Career Killer
If your organization allows career complacency it will kill your career Career complacency can be a default setting for many.…
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Sexist marketing – see it – call it out. It works
It takes time and energy to call out sexist marketing policies But it seems to be worth it. I’m a…
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Management Material
If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material
Identifying and assessing management material is complicated Learning and development opportunities are now a key part of an employer brand.…
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beating ageism
Beating ageism in job search is a worry for older women
With an ageing workforce, many mature women are struggling to get back into work or change careers. Here's 5 steps…
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Why do we say women are over mentored?
We hear about women being over mentored, but can this really be applied to ALL women? Find out why Dorothy…
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give feedback
How To Give Feedback That Helps People Grow
Giving feedback is a difficult balance even for an experienced manager. Learn how to inspire change rather than hostility and…
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Mentoring programmes
Mentoring programmes support employee engagement
At a time when employee engagement is at an all- time low mentoring programmes can add significant value towards increasing…
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Threat to women's jobs conversation career
The Art of Career Conversations
Given that some managers are ill equipped to lead career conversations, Nicky Smith shares practical steps you can take to…
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