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women on LinkedIn
New data on Women on LinkedIn
What the new data on Women on LinkedIn really means Data on women on LinkedIn has always been hard to…
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boost your linkedin presence
5 Secrets to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence
Boost your LinkedIn presence and be seen Businesses forget the marketing power of LinkedIn. Learn how to boost your LinkedIn…
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5 Things To Consider When You’re Trying To Attract Your Dream Company
Get ahead when trying to attract your dream company Job searching is never easy especially when you’re trying to attract…
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new job first impression
Five Ways To Make A Good Impression In A New Job
How to make a great impression at your new job Any new job is daunting, and your first impression could…
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Job Search Strategies for Returning Expat Spouses
Returning expat spouses face challenges re-entering the workplace Mai Ensmann share the challenges she faced as a returning expat spouse…
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Mini-Mentoring Zagreb & Future Leaders Conference
3Plus Mini-Mentoring Zagreb touched on the many questions that interest Croatian women in a culture where it's not common to…
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social media as your resume
Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile?
Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile? Yes you could .... but find out why there are…
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Communicate via LinkedIn
Be Strategic When You Feature Interests on Your LinkedIn Profile
To list your interests on your LinkedIn profile or not? It can be tricky but could also be the key…
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Career survival tips in agile organisations
Be prepared is something we learnt in Girl Guides. Now today's modern agile organisations require us all to be prepared…
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