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refresh your resume
Do you need to refresh your resume?
Coming back from a summer break gives many people a new perspective. Relaxed, and refreshed, it's back to school time.…
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boost your linkedin presence
5 Secrets to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence
Boost your LinkedIn presence and be seen Businesses forget the marketing power of LinkedIn. Learn how to boost your LinkedIn…
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PSA: Don’t expect me to care about you if you don’t care about me and my time
This is an open letter to the guy who wrote to me looking for a job this morning. I didn't…
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Job search rejection
4 tips to handle job search rejection
Job search rejection is hitting you big time and it hurts like crazy. Your friends and family urge you to…
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freelancers and solopreneurs
“That’s My Rate and I’m Sticking to It”‚Äč Bad News for Freelancers and Solopreneurs
Lisa Gates, a negotiation consultant and executive coach who knows how to bridge the gap between self-worth and net worth…
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The word that female business owners need to banish from their vocabulary now.
One word female business owners should avoid at all costs Being female business owners can be a huge challenge anyway,…
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social media as your resume
Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile?
Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile? Yes you could .... but find out why there are…
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Do Small Businesses Need a Strong Brand Identity?
No matter how small your business, a strong brand identity is vital to growing your business. So why is it…
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Women need a stronger online professional presence
Many women are nervous about creating a strong online professional presence. They have concerns about being searchable. Here are 5…
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