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Gender equality
Men Make A Difference: Engaging Men On Gender Equality
Ten Tips for Getting It Right: Initiatives aimed at engaging men to address gender inequality have gained popularity in recent…
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Leadership mistakes
7 Major Leadership Mistakes You’re Making Right Now
7 common leadership mistakes via Alli Polin. Ask yourself, are you doing any of these things? Even better, ask your…
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motivating people
Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude
Most leaders know what strong motivation looks like, but many have little idea of how to boost or sustain that…
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refresh your resume
Do you need to refresh your resume?
Coming back from a summer break gives many people a new perspective. Relaxed, and refreshed, it's back to school time.…
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informed candidate
Why an informed candidate is a preferred candidate
It's hard for job seekers to know how to stay ahead of the pack and to pitch themselves as an…
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sexism in tech
How Negotiation Skills Helped Me Deal with Sexism in the Tech Industry
There are numerous and seemingly endless stories emerging about inequality, bias and sexism in the tech industry but Jamie Lee…
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Sales Conversation
Set Yourself Up To Win When You Turn Your Interview Into An Influential Sales Conversation
Turn Your Interview Into An Influential Sales Conversation Make the most out of your interview by embracing it as the…
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Current path
20 Questions to Gauge Your Commitment to Your Current Path
Is your current path the right one or is it time for a change? Alli Polin asks 20 questions to…
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Women posing as men to beat male privilege is nothing new
But rather than dealing with male privilege is it caving in to sexism or being strategic? Should it even be…
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