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21st century women
21st century women need to stop trying to “Have it All”
There has been a spate of "having it all" posts recently. I have to tell you, they worry me. It's an…
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Workplace and the menopause – another taboo
 Women now spend over 30% of their careers post menopause, yet it remains another workplace taboo topic or pink elephant.…
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attract female talent
How women fall into the likeability trap
Why do powerful women get caught in the likeability trap? Powerful men are likeable, powerful women are not. Why do…
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workplace perks
Workplace perks women actually want
3Plus asked women at different stages in their careers to discover the workplace perks women really want!
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Want to Do Big Things? Light Your Fire to Make the Leap
How to light your fire and push yourself It’s easy to get stuck in the day in day out of…
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More than one job offer – tips to make the right choice
Here are some tips to guide you if you have more than one job offer Lucky you? Or clever you?…
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Freelance Mums
Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums
You’ve got children. You’ve got a career. You’ve got a dilemma. Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums by Elizabeth…
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Working daughter
How To Support Workers With Parents: Are You Ready for Daughter Care?
How To Support Workers With Parents While most companies today recognize the need to support working parents, too few have…
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Test behaviour expectations with gender role reversal
If we imagine men and women in interchangeable roles - we can see how ridiculous our dual standards are around…
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