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invisible work
The impact of invisible work on relationships and sanity
Women frequently assume the of Head of Household Operations,responsible for unpaid, invisible work.How do they balance their sanity and their…
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21st century women
21st century women need to stop trying to “Have it All”
There has been a spate of "having it all" posts recently. I have to tell you,¬†they worry me. It's an…
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3 Steps To Take Now To Prepare You for Caregiving
Caregiving responsibilities can impact your career too, take steps now to prepare with advice from Liz O'Donnell
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How to deal with workplace gender bias
How can individuals deal with a James Damore in a constructive way? Workplace gender bias has been hot news lately.…
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social media outpouring
The dangers of outpouring on social media
Outpouring on social media can be cathartic – but there are also downsides We all like a good vent –…
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How to avoid verbal conflict at work
5 Tips to avoid verbal conflict We can all get worked up but it’s best to avoid verbal conflict in…
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Why professional social networking should be about showcasing, not showboating
How to use social networking the right way Social networking is a great way to reach out and interact with…
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whole self
Busting myths around women and friendship
Cutesy ideas around women and friendship need revisiting Our TV and cinema screens are filled with cozy images of women…
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Working daughter
How To Support Workers With Parents: Are You Ready for Daughter Care?
How To Support Workers With Parents While most companies today recognize the need to support working parents, too few have…
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