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The complicity of silence normalizes the unacceptable
Let’s not fool ourselves, a complicity of silence exists everywhere  In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein crisis the film…
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men should support gender equality
5 Reasons men should support gender equality
Men should support gender equality But many are still resistant. Here are 5 compelling WIFM reasons that men should support…
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7 Steps to attract, source and recruit women
Women and the Recruitment Process We know that companies that proactively recruit and hire women are more successful, but could…
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We all have blind spots – how to find yours
Don’t get caught out by your blind spots We can all misread a room or situation and end up caught…
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Freelance Mums
Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums
You’ve got children. You’ve got a career. You’ve got a dilemma. Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums by Elizabeth…
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freelancers and solopreneurs
“That’s My Rate and I’m Sticking to It”​ Bad News for Freelancers and Solopreneurs
Lisa Gates, a negotiation consultant and executive coach who knows how to bridge the gap between self-worth and net worth…
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small-business owners
Five things that successful small-business owners have in common
What do successful small-business owners have in common?  Elizabeth Hibbert looks at five qualities that are a winning combination for…
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5 ways companies can attract and retain female talent
Despite the gender dividend companies still struggle with female talent There’s been a huge push to increase the female talent…
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Multiple jobs
Make the most of your commute
Commuting can be long, tiring and de-motivating. Reclaim your commute and follow these 4 ways to turn travelling time into…
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