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men should support gender equality
5 Reasons men should support gender equality
Men should support gender equality But many are still resistant. Here are 5 compelling WIFM reasons that men should support…
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invisible work
The impact of invisible work on relationships and sanity
Women frequently assume the of Head of Household Operations,responsible for unpaid, invisible work.How do they balance their sanity and their…
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Parental leave
How The U.S. Parental Leave Policy Stacks Up Against The World
Parental leave is one of the more controversial topics in the USA. Unlike many other countries, the U.S. offers no…
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21st century women
21st century women need to stop trying to “Have it All”
There has been a spate of "having it all" posts recently. I have to tell you,¬†they worry me. It's an…
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Workplace and the menopause – another taboo
¬†Women now spend over 30% of their careers post menopause, yet it remains another workplace taboo topic or pink elephant.…
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3 Steps To Take Now To Prepare You for Caregiving
Caregiving responsibilities can impact your career too, take steps now to prepare with advice from Liz O'Donnell
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How to approach a lifetime of Employability
How to approach a long life of employability With an ever increasing life expectancy comes an ever increasing lifetime of…
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Want to Do Big Things? Light Your Fire to Make the Leap
How to light your fire and push yourself It’s easy to get stuck in the day in day out of…
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slowing down
Why slowing down could be good for your career
How slowing down can make you work better On holiday we seem to have more time to enjoy the small…
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