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Leadership mistakes
7 Major Leadership Mistakes You’re Making Right Now
7 common leadership mistakes via Alli Polin. Ask yourself, are you doing any of these things? Even better, ask your…
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subtle workplace bullying
8 types of subtle workplace bullying
Subtle workplace bullying is rife but hard to identify   – so what do you look for?     Patterns of…
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trust at work
How To Build Trust at Work When also a Caregiver
One of the most challenging things about being a working daughter is that caregiving is unpredictable. You just don’t know…
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women can become better at sales
How women can become better at sales
There is no reason why women should be reluctant sales people. Many hold back - find out how can women…
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Your Resume — How Recruiters Read Between the Lines
Many people yearn for the death of the resume, but Donna Svei looks at why it’s important to understand what…
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informed candidate
Why an informed candidate is a preferred candidate
It's hard for job seekers to know how to stay ahead of the pack and to pitch themselves as an…
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sexism in tech
How Negotiation Skills Helped Me Deal with Sexism in the Tech Industry
There are numerous and seemingly endless stories emerging about inequality, bias and sexism in the tech industry but Jamie Lee…
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direct feedback
How to be approachable to direct feedback
How often do you hear or ask for direct feedback? Being open and receptive to direct feedback is a vital leadership…
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Recruiters need to do more to source women candidates
Why recruiters need to step up for women candidates Recruiters bemoan a lack of women candidates when really they are…
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