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3Plus Supporting National Bullying Prevention Month
October is National Bullying Prevention month. Bullying can come in many forms, both physical and emotional. Unfortunately it is not…
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Gender roles
Standing Up To Male Gender Roles: Chivalry And Benevolent Sexism
Gender dynamics are often at play in our workplaces, homes, and communities—just about anywhere people are present. It should come…
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The complicity of silence normalizes the unacceptable
Let’s not fool ourselves, a complicity of silence exists everywhere  In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein crisis the film…
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men should support gender equality
5 Reasons men should support gender equality
Men should support gender equality But many are still resistant. Here are 5 compelling WIFM reasons that men should support…
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subtle workplace bullying
8 types of subtle workplace bullying
Subtle workplace bullying is rife but hard to identify   – so what do you look for?     Patterns of…
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trust at work
How To Build Trust at Work When also a Caregiver
One of the most challenging things about being a working daughter is that caregiving is unpredictable. You just don’t know…
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women can become better at sales
How women can become better at sales
There is no reason why women should be reluctant sales people. Many hold back - find out how can women…
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Your Resume — How Recruiters Read Between the Lines
Many people yearn for the death of the resume, but Donna Svei looks at why it’s important to understand what…
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informed candidate
Why an informed candidate is a preferred candidate
It's hard for job seekers to know how to stay ahead of the pack and to pitch themselves as an…
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