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mansplaining hotline
Featured Post: The mansplaining hotline controversy is a good problem
The mansplaining hotline push-back reflects an advanced economy. Swedish women now have a mansplaining hotline, set up by the country‚Äôs…
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Office politics
How political is your organisation?
Office politics are unavoidable and potentially damaging. But how do you find out how political your office is comapred to…
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sexism in tech
How Negotiation Skills Helped Me Deal with Sexism in the Tech Industry
There are numerous and seemingly endless stories emerging about inequality, bias and sexism in the tech industry but Jamie Lee…
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boost your linkedin presence
5 Secrets to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence
Boost your LinkedIn presence and be seen Businesses forget the marketing power of LinkedIn. Learn how to boost your LinkedIn…
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5 quick and cheap tips to become a better listener
Learn how to become a better listener Being a good listener is a skill many want, and few actually possess,…
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Limit me
Unlearning These 5 Things Will Make You a Confident Self-Advocator
Don’t stand in the way of being your own self-advocator Overcoming learned behaviours can be a struggle and can really…
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leadership success
One Essential Secret to Change Leadership Success
One key way to drive your leadership success Leadership success is vital in all businesses but there’s one major block…
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We all have blind spots – how to find yours
Don’t get caught out by your blind spots We can all misread a room or situation and end up caught…
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New managers need these 6 core competencies
Top skills for New Managers Checklist So you’ve climbed the ladder and made it to manager? Well done! Now make…
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